Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Next time on April 18: Perfors et al. (2011)

We'll have our first meeting of the CoLa Reading Group for this quarter on Wednesday April 18 at 10:30am in SBSG 2221. You can check out the schedule at 

for the rest of this quarter's meetings.  

For our first article of the quarter, we'll be looking at Perfors, Tenenbaum, & Regier (2011), who use hierarchical Bayesian modeling to examine structure dependence in syntax, which has often been used as an example of an induction problem (or poverty of the stimulus) in language acquisition.  I also recommend looking at a section in a recent response to this article by Berwick, Pietroski, Yankama, & Chomsky (2011), since it explicitly addresses the results of Perfors et al. (2011).

Perfors, A., Tenenbaum, J., & Regier, T. (2011). The learnability of abstract syntactic principles. Cognition, 118, 306-338.

Berwick, R., Pietroski, P., Yankama, B., & Chomsky, N. (2011). Poverty of the Stimulus revisited. Cognitive Science, 35, 1207-1242. [Section 4.2]

See you then!

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