Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall meeting times set & Oct 10 = Feldman et al. 2012

Based on the responses, it seems like Wednesdays at 2pm will work best for everyone's schedules. Our complete schedule (with specific dates) can now be seen at

So, let's get kicking!  For our first meeting on Wednesday October 10 @ 2pm in SBSG 2221, we'll be looking at an article that seeks to model learning of phonetic categories and word forms simultaneously, using hierarchical Bayesian inference:

Feldman, N., Griffiths, T., Goldwater, S., & Morgan, J. 2012. A role for the developing lexicon in phonetic category acquisition.  Manuscript, University of Maryland at College Park, University of California at Berkeley, University of Edinburgh, and Brown University. Note: Because this is a manuscript, please do no cite without permission from Naomi Feldman.

See you then!

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