Monday, January 14, 2013

Next time on 1/28/13 @ 2:15pm in SBSG 2221 = Stabler 2009b

Thanks to everyone who joined out meeting this week, where we had a very interesting discussion about some of the ideas in Stabler (2009)! Next time on  Monday January 28 @ 2:15pm in SBSG 2221, we'll be looking at another article by Stabler. This time, it's one that reviews computational approaches to understanding language universals:

Stabler, E. 2009b. Computational models of language universals: Expressiveness, learnability and consequences. Revised version appears in M. H. Christiansen, C. Collins, and S. Edelman, eds., Language Universals, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 200-223. Note: Because this is a non-final version, please do not cite without permission from Ed Stabler.

See you then!

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