Friday, March 29, 2013

Next time on 4/16/13 @ 2pm in SBSG 2200 = Martin 2011

For this quarter, our reading group will be coinciding with Psych245A, the graduate course "Computational Models of Language Learning", and so we'll be meeting Tuesdays at 2pm on SBSG 2200.  Our complete reading group schedule (with specific dates) is now available at

So, let's get kicking!  For our first meeting on Tuesday April 16 @ 2pm in SBSG 2200, we'll be looking at an article that investigates how biases in the word forms of a language could result from properties of the algorithms used by individual learners, with concrete examples from English and Navajo:

Martin, A. 2011. Grammars leak: Modeling how phonotactic generalizations interact within the grammar. Language, 87(4), 751-770.

See you then!

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