Friday, April 3, 2015

Next time on 4/17/15 @ 12pm in SBSG 2221 = Heinz 2015 book chapter, parts 1-5

It looks like a good collective time to meet will be Fridays at 12pm for this quarter, so that's what we'll plan on.  Our first meeting will be on April 17, and our complete schedule is available on the webpage at 

On April 17, we'll be discussing the first part of a book chapter (parts 1-5) on computational phonology that focuses on the kinds of generalizations and computations that seem to occur in this linguistic domain. This can be very useful for us to think about as modelers if we want to understand the hypothesis spaces learners have for making phonological generalizations.

Heinz, J. 2015 Manuscript. The computational nature of phonological generalizations. University of Delaware. Please do not cite without permission from Jeff Heinz.

See you on April 17!

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