Friday, January 9, 2015

Next time on 1/23/15 @ 11:30am in SBSG 2221 = Johnson 2013

Hi everyone,

It looks like a good collective time to meet will be Fridays at 11:30am for this quarter, so that's what we'll plan on.  Our first meeting will be on January 23, and our complete schedule is available on the webpage at 

On January 23, we'll be discussing a book chapter that looks closely at the idea that language acquisition is a statistical inference problem, and examines how to translate current machine learning statistical inference approaches to implementations that would work for acquisition.

Johnson, M. 2013. Language acquisition as statistical inference. In Stephen R. Anderson, Jacques Moeschler,  and Fabienne Reboul, (eds.), The Language-Cognition Interface, Libraire Droz, Geneva, 109-134.

See you on January 23!

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